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Battery Service

Full range of Supercharge and Exide Batteries in Alice Springs

A-One Mechanics offer a full range of maintenance free batteries for all your automotive needs conveniently in our Alice Springs workshop. We have ample batteries in stock plus we have battery testing facilities to inspect the batteries charging capacity, we can recharge when needed and identify when a battery needs replacing.

We can supply automotive batteries for the following vehicles:

  • Passenger vehicle
  • 4WD & Off Road
  • Truck & Heavy Commercial Vehicle
  • Marine
  • Motorcycle
  • Stop Start batteries
  • Campervans

A car battery is a vital component of your vehicle.

Without a car battery, the engine will not start. A dead battery means being stranded on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck or even worse having to call a friend to give you a jump start. Don't take chances with your car battery health - have it tested regularly when you service your car by an expert mechanic.

Car batteries are designed and engineered to last for several years, but sometimes the fail before their time.. Many factors affect the life expectancy of your car battery including temperature extremes and short circuits caused by loose terminals. And when your car battery does need replacing, we've got you covered - we offer top-quality batteries at affordable prices!

Book an appointment today with our expert mechanics at A-One Mechanicsso that they can perform an evaluation and help keep your vehicle running smoothly!

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